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Open evening 26 October – save the date and Priston Jubilee Morris!

Performing at The Old Green Tree

Performing at The Old Green Tree, Bath
Photo by Meg Young

How important do you think the Morris is to Priston village and the surrounding areas?

This may seem like a strange question, but the reason for asking is that Priston Jubilee Morris is on its uppers, on its beam-ends, close to collapse.

If you are thinking to yourself, “So what?” or “Hooray!” then read no further, and we are sorry to have bothered you.

Performing the dance Three Musketeers

Performing at Rural Life Museum, Glastonbury (Photo: Phil Gray )

However, if the thought of losing a local group that has been maintaining a very English tradition for the past 38 years in a small village close to Bath is a sad prospect for you, then consider what can be done to save it from extinction: we need new members or the team will fold.

If you have any feelings for the continuation of Priston Jubilee Morris, then also consider whether you or anyone you know would be willing to give it a try.

Any questions or nominations please contact us so that we can tell you more.

Open evening – Monday 26 October from 8pm

Locals of the Railway Inn learning to dance

Locals at the Railway Inn, Clutton, learn a bit of  Morris dancing, Priston Jubilee style…
Photo by Sam Ross

We are holding an open evening to which ALL are invited on Monday 26 October at 8pm in Priston Village Hall, where you can give it a go. If you are interested and not able to come please let us know of your interest.

Our aim is that anyone who joins us will have their first official outing at Priston May Day on Monday 2 May, where you will be able to show off your new learnt skills to a welcoming audience.

Morris Selfie

Dancing out on our Monday night summer tour ‪#‎MorrisSelfie‬

So who’s up for it?

Come on, give it a whirl!

It’s up to you as to whether we sink or swim.

Further information about Priston Jubilee Morris is available on our web site, you can also contact us by email or you can call Doug: 01761 470 609 or John: 01761 470 773 for a chat.

Yours expectantly,
Priston Jubilee Morris


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Give Morris dance a chance…two left feet welcomed

Dancers from Priston Jubilee Morris

The nights are drawing in…
Photo by Phil Gray

August is rapidly coming to a close and Priston Jubilee Morris will soon be returning home to the hall at Priston Village for the beginning of the practice season starting on Monday 14 September 2015 and running through to the end of April 2016.

This is the time when we learn new dances, sharpen up on old ones and make decisions about where we’d like to perform in the coming new year.

More importantly, it’s a great time for new people to join us, dancers and/or musicians, and we would like to encourage anyone to come along and have a go, as the survival of most Morris teams, of which Priston is no different, is with local people taking an interest and getting involved.

Morris dancing is a traditional form of English dance that is a good way to keep fit and meet some very interesting people, as well as providing an opportunity to laugh at your own two left feet amongst the security of others with the same condition. It can also lead to flattering comments from members of the public as you learn to achieve the graceful movements of a leaping gazelle.

We are a mixed side and everyone is most welcome to come along, have a go and see how much fun it is.
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