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Dancing into 2015!

Priston Jubilee Morris

Happy new year from Priston Jubilee Morris!

Happy new year everyone!

Our first dance out of the year in 2015 was on Thursday 1 January, when we were joined by Somerset Morris and Rag Morris at Priston village green.

Luckily, the rain kept off and there was a puppet based Mummers play in the hall to continue the entertainment after we’d all had enough of leaping around in the cold.

Our spring practice term will begin on Monday 12 January at 8pm in Priston Village Hall and will continue weekly until the end of April. So if you’re looking for a new team or challenge this year, then come along!

A warm welcome and some dancing awaits you…

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The 2014 practice season officially begins…

Performing at The Old Green Tree

Performing at The Old Green Tree, Bath
Photo by Meg Young

The last few dance outs of the season are still to come, but we are now officially in practice season and will be back in Priston Village Hall on Monday, 15 September, from 8pm.

This year we will be focusing on a couple of different traditions, which means some new dances, as well as allowing some of our existing repertoire to be performed with different numbers of dancers by amending some of the choruses.

So all change and something a little different and possibly challenging!

Any time is better than not at all, but this is the best time of year to come along and have a go at Morris dancing, and we welcome anyone to have a go and see what all the fuss is about firsthand.

Experienced or complete novices are welcome, plus we would be happy for more musicians to add to our ensemble as well. Contact us if you would like to find out more.

An update on what we’re likely to cover will follow, once the Foreman’s worked out a plan…

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