Give Morris dance a chance…two left feet welcomed

Dancers from Priston Jubilee Morris

The nights are drawing in…
Photo by Phil Gray

August is rapidly coming to a close and Priston Jubilee Morris will soon be returning home to the hall at Priston Village for the beginning of the practice season starting on Monday 14 September 2015 and running through to the end of April 2016.

This is the time when we learn new dances, sharpen up on old ones and make decisions about where we’d like to perform in the coming new year.

More importantly, it’s a great time for new people to join us, dancers and/or musicians, and we would like to encourage anyone to come along and have a go, as the survival of most Morris teams, of which Priston is no different, is with local people taking an interest and getting involved.

Morris dancing is a traditional form of English dance that is a good way to keep fit and meet some very interesting people, as well as providing an opportunity to laugh at your own two left feet amongst the security of others with the same condition. It can also lead to flattering comments from members of the public as you learn to achieve the graceful movements of a leaping gazelle.

We are a mixed side and everyone is most welcome to come along, have a go and see how much fun it is.

Performing the dance Monkey's Fist

Dancing the Monkey’s Fist at the Priston Wassail 2012
Photo by Richard Bottle

Priston Jubilee Morris supports many of the annual events and activities held in Priston Village, such as the New Year’s Day celebrations, Wassail, Priston May Day, Priston Village Social and the Priston Festival. In the spring and summer months we also dance out at other neighbouring villages as well as entertaining at pubs, fetes, festivals and more, both near and far.

Locals of the Railway Inn learning to dance

Teaching session at The Railway Inn, Clutton
Photo by Sam Ross

We see ourselves as an integral part of these events and we would like to be able to continue supporting them by welcoming new people to the team.

You can help us to do this by giving traditional dance a chance and joining us at Priston Village Hall on Monday evenings from 14 September where we will be practicing from 8pm.

Want to know more? Take a look at website to see what we’ve been up to and contact us if you have any questions.

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